Reid Compton


About me

Software architect, entrepreneur and technologist with a passion for creating new products

With experiences ranging from Day 1 startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, I’ve seen and helped companies overcome challenges at every scale of organization. As an engineer, I love architecting and building elegant and beautiful full-stack solutions, but I get excited by the whole process of bringing a product to life: mapping the experience with designers, modeling with analysts, prioritizing stories with product owners and mentoring other engineers. My success lies in my ability to pragmatically deliver value to customers quickly, with architectures that can scale.


Solution Architect

Digital Customer Experience

Pulte Mortgage

2021 – Present

  • Designed technical architecture for a secure message portal.
  • Advocated for modern software, UX, and security best-practices.
  • Worked closely with product owners to ensure new functionality was prioritized correctly and advocated for paying off technical debt strategically alongside new functionality.
  • Mentored developers on my team, and provided technical guidance on their work.
  • Coordinated across teams ranging from analysts to infrastructure, attempting to tear down silos between departments and buttress cross-team collaboration.
  • Coordinated with enterprise architects to develop a strategy for migrating an on-premises infrastructure to a cloud based kubernetes infrastructure, and mentored developers in new paradigms.

Co-Founder, CTO


2019 – Present

GreenStead is an online marketplace that connects local farms to local restaurants. Our marketplace creates ecosystems of food that make it easy for restaurants to source quality, fresh, and cost-efficient products.

  • With my partner, identified a problem to solve and worked closely with a designer to user story map the minimum viable product, went to market within a few months.
  • Implemented an agile process for improvements, with ci/cd pipelines and automated regression testing to allow multiple prod releases per day with limited development resources.

Co-Founder, CTO



Solve (now Risekit) makes it easier for organizations to connect individuals to jobs and social services.

Many community-based organizations operate in silos. This limits number of opportunities and resources they have to offer each client. Solve is a software tool that creates a referral network, empowering organizations and employers to collaborate and share information, opening greater opportunities and placement pipelines. This opens up a wider array of opportunities for individuals, while helping organizations to make more successful placements and connections. Our easy-to-use platform also streamlines client intake, makes it more convenient to track and manage cases, and provides data analysis to help measure outcomes.

  • My partner and I coalesced around a problem, and I oversaw the design, architecture, and built the MVP.
  • Implemented an agile SDLC and lean principles to keep us delivering value as quickly as possible to our users
  • As we onboarded more developers, I shifted into a leadership and technical visionary role, mentoring the engineers and providing architectural guidance and documentation to the project.

Software engineer



DonorPath enabled nonprofit organizations to scale their fundraising with detailed analytics of their past fundraising performance, in combination with a dedicated fundraising coach who would meet virtually bimonthly to help strategize future fundraising efforts. DonorPath was acquired by Network for Good in April 2016.

  • As the first engineering hire, I worked with the CTO to establish an SDLC
  • Carried much of the sprint work, completing full-stack stories encompassing front-end, back-end, and database development.
  • Oversaw Azure releases, system monitoring

I worked with Reid for over a year at a software startup that he co-founded. I was incredibly impressed by his ability to build a dynamic and complex system that exceeded the needs of our clients. He was a pleasure to work with and an inspirational leader. In a tough start-up environment, he was always level headed and driven to find a solution to any problem that arose.

— Colin Applegate

I had the pleasure of working with Reid for more than a year at Solve, who was an exceptional CTO. His hands-on experience with the web design and development on .NET technology stack inspired me of being a full-stack developer. He is one of the rare person who naturally served as my mentor, a leader and a very good friend. His ideas are exceedingly creative and his architecture design are always impressive. I'm very lucky to have worked with Reid and I definitely look forward to work with him again in future.

— Harish Katta

Reid Compton is a dynamo. During our time as colleagues, he served not only as a talented developer, but also as an instructor, a collaborator, a resource planner and, most importantly, a solution-finder. Be it due to a prompt address of a service-related ticket or a conversation about the feasibility and UI-optimized implementation of an idea for a new product feature, I found myself consistently impressed and fortunate to be working alongside Reid as we worked to deliver the best-possible experience to our customers.

— Andy Carpenter